27 - 28 May, 2019 | Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Sydney, NSW

Conference Day Two: Tuesday, 28 May 2019

8:30 am - 9:00 am Coffee and Registration

9:00 am - 9:10 am Opening Remarks from Conference Chair

9:10 am - 9:40 am INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: How USAA’s Industry Leading Service Culture improves the Effectiveness Marketing Spend, Elevates Customer Satisfaction & Maximizes Business Growth

Mr Raed Moukaram - Executive Director, Member and Market Insights, USAA
A commitment to caring for their members has enabled USAA to remain competitive in the financial services industry for nearly 100 years. Nearly 5 years ago USAA strengthened this commitment to customer through introduction of the NPS and a focus on Nurturing a USAA culture with a continued focus on member satisfaction. USAA has received global recognition for this CX program and the results speak for themselves:
  • The highest NPS score in USA’s financial services sector and among the top 1% across industries
  • Consistent business growth for 8 years
  • More effective marketing spend

What’s the secret ingredient in this recipe? It’s the customer service culture. In this keynote address, Raed will share insights into:
  • Building the capabilities to incorporate customer surveys and untidy data into actionable insights for the business across all channels
  • Taking an iterative approach to sustaining a culture of service by making small tweaks to behavior based on customer data
  • Measuring the culture of engagement through employee experience and tying this to CX

Mr Raed Moukaram

Executive Director, Member and Market Insights

9:40 am - 10:10 am How Service NSW Became the Customer Centric One-Stop-Shop for NSW citizens Through HCD and Customer Engagement

Kylie DeCourteney - Chief Customer Officer, Service NSW
Service NSW is an award winning NSW Government initiative that was created over five years ago, providing access to more than 1,000 transactions online, face to face and over the phone including birth, marriage and death certificates, driver licenses and much more. Putting the citizens at the core of everything has been part of the DNA from day one and is in effect across the organisation at all levels. Frontline staff displays outstanding customer centric behaviours and values, focusing on making citizens lives easier, truly uncovering their problem and actively solving them. Join Kylie in this session to hear more about how Service NSW are transforming citizens’ lives:

  • Human-centered design is a core mindset across the organization; hear how this is applied whether defining strategy for the next five years, engaging with partner agencies, designing and delivering new services to NSW citizens
  • The importance and process for constantly engaging with customers to actively listen to their feedback and input, how this is key to driving effective decisions and ultimately focusing on what matters to them
  • How Service NSW moved from hundred of phone numbers and websites to just one unique phone number and website for our customers to engage with NSW government

Kylie DeCourteney

Chief Customer Officer
Service NSW

10:10 am - 10:40 am MORNING TEA

STREAM A: Insights and Analytics

10:40 am - 11:10 am Cases In Delivering The Holy Grail Of Customer Effort Reduction Through Analytics
Nektarea Cameron- Smith - Customer Insights Manager, Transurban
David Jaffe - Consulting Director, Limebridge Australia
There has been a tradition for customer experience measurement programs to ask customers for feedback on processes they have just been through. However, some more progressive organisations are now able to gain insights into their contacts and how they are handled without having to go directly to the customer to request the necessary data. Many companies are now using data analytics to stay better informed and so reduce customer effort.

- Cross-industry case studies exploring:
  • ‘Failure demand’ reduction
  • Digital channel integration
  • Contact resolution measurement
  • Improvement
- How to measure and manage interactions that span all channels
- Interventions which drive out effort for the customer and cost for the business whilst enabling a rethink of the measurement of front-line staff.
- Techniques to revolutionise how and when we obtain customer feedback and reduce the likelihood of survey fatigue

Chaired By:

Nektarea Cameron- Smith

Customer Insights Manager


David Jaffe

Consulting Director
Limebridge Australia

STREAM B: Experience Design

10:40 am - 11:10 am Delivering Client-Centric Services Through Digital Transformation at Queensland Treasury
Simon McKee - Deputy Commissioner, Queensland Treasury
The Office of State Revenue is transforming to ensure it remains effective and relevant in a changing environment. In 2017 the OSR commenced a 3 year transformation to provide the next generation of services which are client-centric, digitally enabled and data driven. 18 months into the digital program, OSR has successfully delivered 14 initiatives and a further 10 are in flight. In this session they will outline their strategies for success and lessons learned along the way:

  • Creating a capable and change responsive workforce through significant investment in cultural and leadership change- utilizing design thinking and disruptive innovation leadership
  • Structuring the transformation to reduce risk by running it as a series of 46 initiatives; including Enterprise Data Warehouse, New Online Portal and an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (SAM)
  • Lessons learned from the journey to date- including the importance of partnering with engaged and supportive sponsors

Chaired By:

Simon McKee

Deputy Commissioner
Queensland Treasury

STREAM C: B2B Customer Experience

10:40 am - 11:10 am Utilising AI to Simplify the Customer Experience within a Complex B2B Landscape
Shelley McDowell - Director, Customer Experience Strategy, CBRE
Mike Dudarenok - Regional Director, FCM Innovation Lab (APAC), Flight Centre Travel Group
Flight Centre Corporate are responding to a fundamental shift in customer expectations and using CEM to help to refocus on what’s important to the business. The challenge faced by Flight Centre Corporate is improving the customer experience for both corporate booking agents and the traveller, whose needs differ. In this session:

  • How Flight Centre have pivoted their focus from savings to ‘making things easier’ for all customers
  • The process of creating the pilot AI online booking tool, Savi – who brings knowledge closer to the customer and has modules for both booking agents and travellers
  • Navigating an environment where product delivery is restricted by each company policy

Chaired By:

Shelley McDowell

Director, Customer Experience Strategy


Mike Dudarenok

Regional Director, FCM Innovation Lab (APAC)
Flight Centre Travel Group

STREAM D: Customer Service

10:40 am - 11:10 am Improving Member Call Centre Experience through an Agile Approach to Outcomes Coaching
Kimberley Roberts - Head of Member Experience & Engagement, RACQ
RACQ are revolutionising the way the frontline call center staff interact with members; investigating and addressing pain points in an iterative fashion. Before April 2018 there was limited resources directed to improving the customer experience within this space; but by taking advantage of a preexisting team of call quality assurance agents to identify the deep dive into re-occurring themes, RACQ has been able to improve both the member and employee experience with its new approach. In this session:

  • Partnering the Call QA team with Member Experience Design and Member Outcomes Coaching teams to create and deliver multi-channel coaching content to team leaders
  • How ‘just in time’ coaching and the agile approach allows service delivery to be adjusted in real time
  • How this approach has been part of the broader cultural change and given a new face to the Call Quality Team

Kimberley Roberts

Head of Member Experience & Engagement

11:10 am - 11:15 am BRIEF BREAK TO CHANGE ROOMS

STREAM A: Insights and Analytics

11:15 am - 11:45 am Using Analytics and Experimental Action to Understand What Drives Retention
Christine Burwinkle - Head of Customer Operations, Atlassian
While at Atlassian ownership of a great customer experience is distributed throughout the company, two and a half years ago a new team was formed to specifically address loyalty and retention within the business unit focused on customers using downloadable products. Challenged with a license model which requires customers to pay for a product only once, this new Customer Operations team has operated largely through experimentation to learn what retention looks like and develop a ‘Health of Customer’ measure, both of which guide the development of products and business process changes. In this session:

  • How the Customer Operations team evolved and its unique two-pronged structure
  • What the team has been able to learn about customers from quantitative data early on in the journey and how they’re now working to incorporate qualitative feedback (from both customer facing staff and customers) to make better informed action plans going forward
  • How the team is working to attain an accurate picture of customers, when the volume of data for different customer groups is variable
  • How the team sees the future: using data combined with qualitative signals to move into modeling to predict churn and unhealthy customers

Christine Burwinkle

Head of Customer Operations

STREAM B: Experience Design

11:15 am - 11:45 am The Tale Of ATO Community - The First Government Peer-To-Peer Online Platform
Lyle Crombie - Director of Design and Creative Services, ATO
The ATO have an interesting UX problem in that for the most part people would rather get root canal without anaesthetic than talk to them. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but the challenge remains: how do you support your clients day-to-day when they don’t want to talk to you? More importantly, how do you run a proper design process? In this session hear from Lyle Crombie, Director of Design and Creative Services; how struggling with competing user needs gave way to a revelation – That the best people to solve the day to day informational needs of users is not always the organisation, but the users themselves. In this session:

  • How the channel grew from a small proof of concept into the number one hit on Google when your tax or superannuation questions were search for (and without paid advertising!)
  • How ATO identified what people wanted to hear and developed content around this
  • How having everyone important in the room at the beginning, removing siloes and building cross- functional teams has led to improved service provision

Lyle Crombie

Director of Design and Creative Services

STREAM C: B2B Customer Experience

11:15 am - 11:45 am Tackling Enhancing B2B Customer Experience Alongside Digital Transformation
Fiona Mahony - Head of End to End Experience, InfraCo- Telstra Wholesale
All of Telstra is currently in the midst of a massive digital overhaul aimed at replacing legacy systems, using data more efficiently and enhancing Customer Experience. Within InfraCo and the Telstra Wholesale channel, this means disrupting their own culture to start thinking, working and producing customer- centrically. In this session:

  • What Digitisation means in the context of Infraco
  • The unique challenges of the B2B environment
  • How Infraco is co-creating with their customers to better navigate the future together
  • How introducing NPS, advocacy teams, Human Centred Design and Agile Delivery have each played a role in disrupting the culture within Infraco

Fiona Mahony

Head of End to End Experience
InfraCo- Telstra Wholesale

STREAM D: Customer Service

11:15 am - 11:45 am Putting the Front-line Service Staff at The Heart of the Organisation for Enhanced Customer Service
Joan Brierley - Acting Director Customer Service Delivery, Department of Transport, Western Australia
Department of Transport Western Australia has been on a CX journey since the end of 2017. With already 80% of services and 400 000 customers online this journey focuses on improving the service culture within Department of Transport and enhancing the high value face to face experiences which take place in store. In this session:

  • Development and use of the ‘fresh think tank’; a forum for customer service staff to make suggestions for CX improvement which are then tested by a committee of representatives from across the organisation
  • Moving from a customer regulation to customer enablement environment through cultural change: how customer- centricity is changing all aspects of the organisation from business planning and communication with staff, to the prioritisation of IT investment
  • How feedback from customer service staff has having a real impact on the organisation: informing the design of their newest service centre in Success

Joan Brierley

Acting Director Customer Service Delivery
Department of Transport, Western Australia

11:45 am - 12:45 pm NETWORKING LUNCH BREAK

STREAM A: Insights and Analytics

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Utilising the Voice of Customer to Embed a Customer- Centric Agenda Throughout NRMA and Successfully Increase NPS
Tina Morrell - General Manager, Customer Strategy & Experience, NRMA
NRMA recently transitioned between VOC platforms; with the aim of embedding the platform and a customer-centric agenda across all business and empowering the frontline staff to utilize the dashboard reporting capabilities for a ‘self service’ approach to customer experience. This has already resulted in significant increases in NPS in some areas. In this session:

  • The importance of selecting the right tool and the value the platform has brought to NRMA
  • How the platform has empowered staff and driven employee engagement and how the organization has in turn, driven engagement with the platform
  • Installing text analytics which has helped the NRMA to understand what was driving NPS

Tina Morrell

General Manager, Customer Strategy & Experience

STREAM B: Experience Design

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Customising the Human Centered Design Approach to Improve Outcomes for Business and Customer
Kylie Lewis - Head of Experience Design- Customer Transformation, Bupa
Bupa has been using HCD to solve customer and business problems. For a year they’ve been building capability and methodology in-house, in order to innovate more freely, without needing a consultant. The team has successfully delivered 4-5 MVP and are now shaping the practice to increase its flexibility and fit with business objectives. In this session:

  • How these capabilities and methodologies were built in-house
  • Overcoming the biggest challenge: convincing others HCD ‘wasn’t fluff’ through education and indisputable facts based on customer insights
  • Converting HCD from a process to a mindset to optimise efficiency and make the process more adaptable to individual projects

Kylie Lewis

Head of Experience Design- Customer Transformation

STREAM C: B2B Customer Experience

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Leveraging Sentiment Analytics & Journey Mapping To Tailor A Digital- First And Transparent Customer Experience
David Huggett - Customer Experience Director, Carlton and United Breweries
B2B businesses realize the importance of CX today but it’s a different story to translate this potential into tangible outcomes for the business and its customers who are increasingly demanding digital, simple and personalized service experiences. At CUB, David leads a digital transformation founded out of a deep understanding of customer data to deliver a record high NPS in the FMCG industry and in this session will show you just how by:

  • Leveraging customer data and sentiment analysis to improve understanding of needs and journey
  • Overcoming challenges with gathering reliable data to improve quality of insights derived
  • Interfacing customer interactions with a digital ordering platform that empowers customers to own their experience as well as improve internal operational efficiencies

David Huggett

Customer Experience Director
Carlton and United Breweries

STREAM D: Customer Service

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm How a Focus on Staff and Customer Love Enabled Lush to Become the 2018 Innovative CX Retailer of the Year
Emma Brady - Customer Experience Manager, Lush Cosmetics
Determined not to follow the pack, Lush is pushing boundaries to find an approach to CX which delivers the consistent, ethical, 5 star experience that the brand was founded on. Lush ANZ has taken a bold approach which includes choosing not to use the NPS, big data or big marketing spend so that they must rely on creating experiences which generate great word of mouth recommendations. In this session:

  • How Lush engages with a staff 1st strategy as the backbone of excellent business practices which includes utilizing strict recruitment criteria and giving managers complete ownership of the in-store experience
  • Laying the groundwork before launching into the broader CX strategy by addressing underlying pain points like the customer care department’s outdated IT infrastructure
  • How UK best practices for CX had to be modified for the ANZ customer
  • How Lush’s is sustaining the commitment to operating as an ethical retailer and leveraging campaigns as an opportunity to engage with the customer

Emma Brady

Customer Experience Manager
Lush Cosmetics


STREAM A: Insights and Analytics

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm ‘No Silver Bullet’: How Auto & General Increased NPS by 20%
Rod Netterfield - General Manager Change and Customer, Auto & General
In 2017, Auto & General set out to improve NPS by 20% by 2020 (i.e. a BIG goal to have happier customers). Through a series of coordinated projects, initiatives and activities, Auto & General have already achieved this goal, well ahead of target dates. Now the challenge is in continuing to improve customer experience and building trust, while also working towards meeting two other BIG goals: to have happier employees, and to drive better business. In this session, understand how:

  • Auto & General continue to build capability and leverage the insights provided by their VOC platform
  • How Auto & General have started their Speech Analytics journey to complement and supplement other data and insight sources
  • Bring together process and customer teams to identify opportunities to improve internal efficiencies, and identify candidates for automation and robotics
  • Design team are now using journey mapping to build empathy and understand customer needs to be able to build products and services ‘from the outside-in’

Rod Netterfield

General Manager Change and Customer
Auto & General

STREAM B: Experience Design

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm Building an Exceptional Service Experience Over Time Through a Constant Focus on Customer Feedback
Darren Whitelaw - Chief Customer Officer, Service Victoria
Service Victoria was established to make it easier, faster and simpler for Victorians to things done with government online. Chief Customer Officer Darren Whitelaw will share how Service Victoria is meeting customer expectations:

  • How extensive research has helped develop a customer-centric platform
  • Keeping pace with the changing customer needs and technology landscape
  • How Service Victoria is continuously improving the quality of their service by learning from what customers say and analysing what they do

Darren Whitelaw

Chief Customer Officer
Service Victoria

STREAM C: B2B Customer Experience

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm Redefining ‘Customer’ and Addressing the Community to Improve Customer Experience and Retention for CBRE’s Commercial Property Owning Clients
Shelley McDowell - Director, Customer Experience Strategy, CBRE
The customer team at CBRE are redefining both who the customer is and what good customer experience looks like in the world of commercial property. CBRE recognized the opportunity to better drive retention and attraction through addressing the needs of all staff employed in the building, not just the traditional customer; and have since set about building a brand and community around the customer in each of their premises. In this session:

  • How CBRE is generating authentic engagement with customer based on genuine insights
  • The George place case study: underpinned by insights, how CBRE worked with their client to create a community through better utilizing the space, hosting activities and integrated this activity through diverse communication channels, online and offline.
  • Improving the welcome process for new tenants by removing hassles and using journey mapping to know when and how to communicate with customers

Shelley McDowell

Director, Customer Experience Strategy

STREAM D: Customer Service

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm Removing the Angst From Customers Through Adapting Available Technology and Process Redesign at Department of Agriculture
3 years ago the Department of Agriculture moved into a serviceled delivery model. Where before the Client Contact Group functioned more as a relay service, now, through asking just a few more questions of their inquiries they’re committed to responding to 90% of queries at that 1st point of contact. In this session:

  • How the Client Contact Group has repositioned itself as the ‘Front Door’ of the department
  • Process Redesign within the group which has enabled the team to accomplish more with less resources
  • How the group has adapted technology, rather than looking to new solutions, to better communicate with customers and each other

1:50 pm - 2:20 pm AFTERNOON TEA

2:20 pm - 2:50 pm Management To Better Engage And Retain Customers And Grow Revenue

Driving an effective digital channel strategy comes down to how granular you can get with the understanding of customer behavior patterns and needs across your touch-points. It also ties into how effectively the channels can handle customer queries, improve cross-selling opportunities & help you operate lean customer service teams. Leigh at Kiwibank has been grappling with such challenges of late and in this session, shares how he’s successfully overcome them with a transformation program that has witnessed:

  • Digital channel customer engagement growth from 11 million to 24 million interactions/month
  • Reduction in customer handovers and an increase in cross-selling opportunities through agile, cross-functional service teams
  • Improvement in staff engagement metrics by 8%
CSAT and NPS have long been the stalwarts in CX measurement. Now that we’re all looking to differentiate our brand by offering an experience tailored to our unique customer, doesn’t it make sense to develop a unique set of indicators for customer happiness and CX performance? While the NPS and CSAT might still be a handy benchmarking tool moving forward, developing a measure more reflective of your customers’ interaction with your product could be the key to gaining competitive advantage and enhancing connection to the customer. In this panel discussion:

  • How has your organisation gone about understanding what your ideal ‘happy’ customer looks like?
  • How have you been able to collect information to track customer happiness/ satisfaction? Was this done through feedback? Or data? Or perhaps a combination?
  • Have their been any tangible changes in customer sentiment as a result of better understanding customer happiness?
  • Are there better approaches out there than the NPS and CSAT? Is there the need for the creation of industry specific NPS type indicator?

Chaired By:

Nektarea Cameron- Smith

Customer Insights Manager


Sheree Barratt

Former Sales and Service Enhancement Manager
Credit Union SA


Naved Khan

Head Customer Service & Operations (Seller) - Global Service Delivery
eBay ANZ


Heather McGovern

Former Chief Product and Marketing Officer

3:20 pm - 3:50 pm Unisuper Case Study- Establishing A New Cx Function And Refining ‘Customer’ To Continue The Evolution Of Member-Centricity

Lee Scales - Chief Customer Officer, UniSuper
Brendan Donoghue - Head of Customer Experience, UniSuper
Remarkably, award winning UniSuper only introduced their CX function in May 2018. While member-centricity is an integral part of the organisational DNA, UniSuper have been redefining their customer centric approach to improve the experiences delivered to Members, Employer Partners and employees. In this session Lee and Brendan will share their journey to date, including:

  • Breaking the many myths associated with CX e.g. ‘CX is just pretty screens’ and ‘great CX costs more’ to attain stakeholder buy in and cross the tipping point
  • Challenges which had to be overcome throughout the journey e.g. partnering with digital and driving a high quality result for customer.
  • Reducing cost and risk of failure by continuously testing for experience.
  • Some case studies of ‘wins’ to date e.g. embedding experience designers throughout the organization, using journeys to guide new programs of work and learning to prioritise better as an organization

Lee Scales

Chief Customer Officer


Brendan Donoghue

Head of Customer Experience

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm MyPost Case Study: Successful Digital Service Enhancement through Transformation and Product Innovation

Pete Young - Head of MyPost Consumer, Australia Post
MyPost is providing enhanced visibility, control and delivery options to customers, taking the lead from disruptors such as amazon to empower customers. Although the transformation of the entire organization to date has been huge, the goal now is to scale the MyPost experience across every parcel-fulfilling the 2020 ‘ Deliveries that make you smile’ vision. In this session:

  • How the cross functional Discover and Delivery team are overcoming legacy IT systems to provide a great digital experience for MyPost customers
  • How MyPost is continuing to diversify with new products and services, for example leveraging the app to provide personalised messaging
  • Investing in new technology but being mindful to balance tech investment with great design in order to deliver

Pete Young

Head of MyPost Consumer
Australia Post

4:20 pm - 4:30 pm Closing Remarks

4:30 pm - 4:30 pm END OF DAY TWO