Cynthia Krieger

Senior Customer Experience Manager
Tesla Motors (USA)

9:50 AM INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Customer Experience Best Practice: Tesla the Disruptive

In the automotive industry, carmakers focus on the product and marketing of their products and leave the selling and customer service to their partners. Tesla doesn’t have any reselling partners and its electric cars do not require as much regular maintenance as a traditional car. More importantly, the retail location is not primarily focused on selling (unlike dealerships) but rather on allowing customers to experience the brand, its philosophy and get a feel for the car. As a result, Tesla is reporting loyalty and advocacy levels that are unheard of and a NPS score of 96.

  • Taking ownership of the retail experience from initial interest through to post purchase to drive customer satisfaction
  • Importance of a strong e-commerce channel to ensure personalization and customization of product
  • Simplifying car buying to be as simple as placing an order on Amazon
  • Creating a motivated and engaged team of ‘customer experience specialists’ to replace the traditional sales assistant

4:30 AM Uncovering Your Customer’s Greater Motivations and Needs Through Journey Mapping

The truth is current customer experience programs are not working. Studies have found that while 80% of organizations think their customer focused programs are working – only 8% of their customers agree. Most organizations are good at gathering data on their users – but data fails is its inability to communicate the frustrations and experiences of customers. Establishing a journey map underpins a strong customer centric strategy as it provides a sense of the customer’s greater motivation. Further to this, it explores what the customer wishes to achieve and what their expectations are of the organisation.

What the workshop will cover:

  • Building a journey map from a customers point of view as opposed to an internal business view
  • Capturing customers perceptions of their experiences relative to goals, needs and expectations
  • Illustrating the customers current and future journey across multiple touchpoints
  • Incorporating performance indicators in order to measure success of initiatives
  • Visualizing the customer journey to optimize stakeholders’ understanding, engagement, and decision-making based on the journey map story

How you will benefit:

  • You will be able to understand customer emotions and use them to shape customer strategy
  • Use journey mapping to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Breakdown organizational siloes and bridge the gap between sales, marketing and operations