Master Class: Friday, 26 May 2016

08:00 AM - 12:30 PM Master Class A: CEM Training: Become Qualified and Certified in CEM Method Training with BP Group UK

Steve Towers, CEO, BP Group James Dodkins, Author- Foundations for Customer Centricity & SVP, BP Group UK
Classically driven business operations activity has focused on improving productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Methods and approaches have evolved over decades to help organisations streamline, remove waste and standardise processes to great effect. In fact the great economic success stories of the 20th century can be attributed to these fine efforts from global companies.

However times have changed and we must change with them.

This session will discuss and review some of the ‘new’ approaches and techniques developed in 21st century leading companies from diverse sectors such as aviation, pharmaceutical, retail fashion, technology and banking.

We will look at the common ingredients of sustained success and how using the power of a customer centric strategy and operations approach produces a winning and repeatable formula suited to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Delegates will go away with:
  • Overview of the ‘new’ methods and approaches
  • Three proven techniques to provide immediate (and sustainable) cost reductions, revenue improvements and customer satisfaction improvements – we call this winning the triple crown and it is the hallmark of success
  • The 101 Guide to linking process to successful customer outcomes

In addition delegates will gain access to:
  • Quick guides,
  • Videos,
  • Case studies and
  • Work sheets for immediate use
  • Hard & e-Copy of Steve Towers best selling book, Outside-In. The Secret of the 21st century leading companies
  • e-Copy of James Dodkins latest book, Foundations for Customer Centricity


Steve Towers

BP Group

James Dodkins

Author- Foundations for Customer Centricity & SVP
BP Group UK

12:30 PM - 11:59 PM Master Class B: Improving & Innovating your Customer Journey Mapping & Design Techniques

Annette Franz, CEO & Founder, CX Journey and Executive Board Member , CXPA
Companies believe that they already understand their customers and their customers’ experience. In reality, few truly do—and that discrepancy leads to service breakdowns, less-than-optimal experiences, weak loyalty, and ultimately, lost brand reputation and decreased long-term growth.

With superior customer experience and realised product value comprising the backbone of essentially all businesses, this competitive space remains a constant battleground. By implementing a successful and practical customer journey mapping technique into your organisation, you will begin to create a strategy that documents the end-to-end experience, throughout the customer lifecycle- from product development to service renewal. Join this fascinating master class to get your customer journey mapping techniques in peak design for an overall increase in your customer experience.

What the Workshop will cover:
  • Customer journey mapping techniques tailored to your specific organisation needs
  • Implementing Customer Feedback segments and understanding the “Voice of the Customer”
  • Developing a comprehensive map detailing their complete journey through every touch-point
  • Creating a culture that strives for brand growth and prioritises the quality of customer lifecycle

How you will benefit:
  • Be able to conduct a journey mapping that details all of the customer experiences with the brand and examines the emotional responses evoked in these relationships
  • Be able to combine the customer journey with customer & employee interviews and VOC Data
  • Understand Outside-in customer journey maps to identify experiences with all service channels


Annette Franz

CEO & Founder, CX Journey and Executive Board Member