Ian Andrews

Executive General Manager – Customer Experience and Retail Strategy
Commonwealth Bank

11:30 AM Commonwealth Bank’s 12 Year Journey to Maximise Net Promoter Scores by Reinventing Their Organisation

Commonwealth Bank has had an extensive customer journey over the last 10/11 years and for 85% of that time they have held the position of number one. Five years ago their NPS was at minus 12 and they are currently sitting at 1.3 over a 6 month rolling average – placing them at number one of the big 4 banks. How did Commonwealth Bank make this large leap in NPS?

  • How CBA shaped their organisation, behaviours, culture and technology to drive customer experience
  • Utilising analytics and insights to drive customer decisioning and a frictionless banking experience
  • Putting the pieces together to better position yourself to our perform your industry as well as other verticals