29 - 30 May 2018 | Dockside, Sydney, Australia

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AWARDS - Best Customer Experience Project

If your team has delivered a customer centric project you are proud of, please share your journey with us!

By applying for the Best Customer Centric Project Award, you and your team will be recognized for your hard work, innovation and spirit inputting the customer first.

Download the application questions now for the Customer Experience Awards Best Customer Centric Project by filling in the form.

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AWARDS - Best Customer Experience Organisation

If your team has what it takes to nab the crown of Best Customer Centric Organisation, please share your journey with us!

By applying for the Best Customer Centric Organisation Award, you and your team will be recognized for your hard work, innovation and spirit in putting the customer first.

Download the application questions now for the Customer Experience Awards Best Customer Centric Organisation by filling in the form.

When you're ready to apply, easily submit your application online here or email 

Exclusive Content

The new frontier of customer experience: what's driving change in Customer Experience in 2017 and how are Australian organisations responding?

Ahead of the 10th Annual Customer Management Summit 2017 we surveyed over 90 Australian customer experience leaders and professionals from different industries, to answer these questions and uncover what’s driving change in customer experience and how Australian organisations are responding.

This report explores three major areas Australian organisations are focusing on to improve their customer experience strategies to deliver an exceptional customer experience, including:

  • Integrating digital and driving innovation across all customer experience functions
  • Measuring, mapping and quantifying the customer experience across all channels
  • Enhancing customer experience by creating and maintain a customercentric culture

5 ways Coles is creating a seamless digital customer experience

In this article,  Stuart Freer, GM Digital IT and User Experience at Coles, shares 5 essential steps Coles is taking to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience and the core lessons other organisations can learn from their customer experience journey to date.

In the spotlight with Sharon Melamed, Matchboard

In the Australian customer experience world, what product/service solutions are trending and who is responsible for purchasing them? We thought there’s no-one better to ask than Sharon Melamed at Matchboard – an online marketplace for customer solutions with more than 2000 clients.

7 ways Customer Experience Management Australia 2017 will help you address key industry trends

Ahead of the 10th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit Australia 2017, we surveyed over 100 customer experience professionals and a number of key influencers from some of Australia’s biggest organisations to find out how customer centric their organisation really is.

This infographic explores 8 key findings from the survey  – find out what your peers are prioritising when it comes to meeting changing customer needs in the next 12 months, and how Customer Experience Management 2017 can help address and help you meet these priorities.

Using data to build a meaningful customer experience: In the spotlight with Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics, Google (US)

In this article, Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics at Google (US) shares how you can make start to truly engage your customers through effective data capture and measurement techniques and the types of tools Google is using to achieve this in an increasingly connected and customer-dominated environment.


Next-Generation Customer Engagement: It’s About Connections

This report offers a status update on the transition to this next-generation customer experience. It concludes by detailing four real-world solutions – backed by case-study research – that can accelerate the transformation.

3 sales fights you can't afford to lose

Sales has changed forever. An era of digital disruption has made its impact – increasing customer expectation, the pressure for you to perform, and the level of intelligence you need to succeed. It’s time to take on more modern techniques or take a hit… so put on your gloves and we’ll show you how to ramp up revenues in today’s ring, unleash productivity that packs a punch, and make decisions driven by data.


How DBS Bank is using human centred design principles to create an exceptional customer experience

In this article, Raju Nair, Executive Director, Head of Customer Journey Design at DBS Bank, explores some of the biggest hurdles that stop companies from truly understanding their customers and the strategies they can use to successfully create and implement customer journey mapping in order to create a seamless customer experience.


Yarra Valley Water’s Maturity Journey: Pushing the Business to go Above and Beyond Customer Service

In this presentation from Customer Experience Management 2016, Tarnya McKenzie Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Yarra Valley Water, explores:

  • Analysing the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience
  • Discussing the Yarra Valley 5 year project of implementing a holistic customer experience approach
  • Identifying the gaps in providing an “experience” for customers
  • Highlighting the positives, negatives, and progression points of this implementation maturity journey

Creating an integrated physical and digital customer experience for Small Business Customers

In this presentation from Customer Experience Management 2016, Dirk van Lammeren, General Manager Small Business, Australia Post, explores:

  • Creating personalised multichannel customer experiences for small businesses
  • Enabling eCommerce through enhanced customer experiences that make online selling simpler
  • Leveraging the bricks and mortar Post Office in the digital economy
  • Linking the merchant and consumer delivery experience with a two-sided platform approach

How to Build Confidence and Motivation in your Customers from your Brand Experience

In this presentation from Customer Experience Management 2016, Paul Schiffner, Managing Director/SVP, Australasia Weight Watchers, explores:

  • Retaining customers and promoting loyalty through motivation techniques
  • Customising your customer’s journey by o­ering support over three platforms (OnlinePlus, Meeting, and Coaching)
  • Following your plan on 100% your terms and understanding the best channels to reach your customers
  • Sharing and supporting other customers through experiences with your brand

QBCC’s impressive Journey to Become One of the Most Customer-Centric Organisations in Australia

In this presentation from Customer Experience Management 2016, Bruce McGregor, Executive Director- Customer Service and Kellie Lowe, Acting Commissioner, Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC), explore the strategies QBCC is using to become a customer centric organisation.

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Five Trends Shaping The Future of Customer Experience In 2017

This article explores top five customer experience predictions for 2017

Understanding Your Customer Using Data Analytics

They say that data is the new oil, and if your business has a web presence then chances are you're sitting on vast reserves of potential customer insights you may not even know you had.

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