Charles Weiser

Chief Experience Officer

11:30 AM How Optus Shifted From a Telephony Offering to Content and Experience Organisation

Optus are currently turning the traditional telecommunication sector on its head by shifting their service offering from telephony based to content and experience based. Customers have gone from needing just a handset to needing to always be on and have access to data, entertainment, social and telephony and they want to be able to do this from any device. As a result, Optus have rolled out the new customer centric strategy across their 12,000 employee workforce.

  • Responding to changing customer needs by building new capabilities and business models
  • Embedding human centred design into transformation, analytics and CX teams
  • How Optus has joined the top quartile in global NPS service ratings and increased consideration to buy
  • Transitioning from product offerings to being an enabler

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