Heather Svendsen

Head of Customer Experience and Digital

2:10 PM Increasing NPS by 40 Points Through Championing the Customer in Digital CX Initiatives

PetSure’s number of customers has risen from 45,000 in 2009 to 390,000 so far this year and they are currently processing 50,000 claims a month. PetSure is in the process of a large scale program to update their customer portal to reflect the move from purely transaction based to customer focused. After rolling out just one of their twenty three brands onto the new portal they have already seen NPS grow by 40 points.

  • Preparing a business case for CX initiatives and showcasing value of programs to executive management
  • Engaging customers in the process to ensure programs are user friendly, intuitive and reflective of the market
  • Championing CX and working with operational and product heads to improve things for customers and going above and beyond

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