Jason Juma Ross

Head of Tech, Entertainment and Connectivity

3:20 PM How is Facebook Utilising Virtual Reality to Humanize the Customer Experience

Facebook has recently made an announcement that they aim to introduce 1 billion people into a virtual reality environment. Coupled with this in quarter one they will be revealing a standalone VR device. It is their belief that VR represents the ultimate empathy device and extends past the traditional parameters of voice, text and photos. This session will focus on VR as a new, futuristic dimension of customer experience – one that has proven results but is only being capitalized on by few.

  • What are the commercial opportunities in this space and how do you integrate this without disrupting your overall customer experience?
  • What should organisations be thinking about with VR and how can you use it to deliver brand?
  • Where is virtual reality going from a roadmap perspective and how do we start paving the way?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jason Juma.

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