27 - 28 May, 2019 | Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Sydney, NSW

Paul Dance

Head of Service and Support, Customer Experience
Canon NZ

10:50 AM

11:50 AM Reinventing Your ABC

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is, and always has been, in a unique position in Australian media, as Australia’s public broadcaster. It’s also been somewhat of a leader when it comes to moving into new technology platforms and digital media opportunities. 

Leisa will look at how the ABC is continuing to evolve an incredibly valuable, 86-year-old institution for an increasingly digital future, as audience behaviours change. Covering how the organisation is adapting the audience experience across the ABC, to meet future audience needs, and how this impacts on brand, product and marketing in an industry that has a number of high profile challengers. Key elements of this will be:

  • How the ABC is improving both the understanding of audiences, and the consistency of brand experience
  • How the enterprise is being re-designed to support this evolution

Chaired By:

1:55 PM Finding Your 'Why' In A Disruptive Landscape To Re-Invent Your Business Strategy And Model And Fulfils Changing Customer Expectations

A lot of traditionally lucrative business models and revenue streams are now drying up, not necessarily because customers aren't being listened to but more so because it's becoming harder to do this in a rapidly evolving technology landscape that is bringing about new behaviors and trends we couldn't even predict. Paul at Canon NZ finds himself in such a situation and shares how his organization has re-invented its business strategy and model by:

  • Understanding consumer behaviors to re-purpose your business strategy and engagement program
  • Embedding digital processes and systems to improve sales, service and customer satisfaction
  • Improving visibility for customers through a robust data strategy


10:00 AM

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