Skye Nicholls

General Manager - Customer Experience

2:45 PM The Importance of Change Management Procedures to Ensure Effective Digital Experience Delivery

Canon has completed a two year piece of work with 35 process initiatives that focus on improving the customer journey. A large part of this was streamlining and simplifying digital processes to remove friction. With a new tool, the team has been able to condense a sales process from 4 hours to 6 minutes which has allowed employees to spend more time with customers. As with any digital transformation, this has created a need for Canon to reevaluate their change management processes.

  • The importance of staff to get things right the first time and quality over time spent
  • Establishing customer metrics and how Canon has achieved an NPS of 79
  • The impacts of going digital (redundancies, changing of roles etc.) and how to deal with the fallout
  • Experience with and lessons learnt from their change management journey

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