Tom Champion

Customer Experience Lead

9:30 AM Digital Experience vs. Digital Customer Experience

Digital Experience encompasses the plethora of online channels businesses today need to manage due to evolving customer expectations.  However, digital experience is vastly different to digital customer experience. Digital experiences are single interactions, merely enhancements of existing business processes whereas digital customer experience is the journey of all digital interactions that a person has with an organisation that is meaningful through delivering new value adding experiences.  

Where businesses struggle today is crossing the chasm between the old and the new.
That is from single, often unrelated customer touchpoints to a complete journey that meets the expectations of today’s modern customer.
Come and attend this exclusive hands-on workshop sponsored by Quadient and organised by IQPC. You will get the opportunity to interact with a Forrester analyst who will share market insights and network with your peers in similar industries (Financial Services, Telecommunications and Utilities),  as well as a hands on experience of modern user interface and dynamic content, mobile responsiveness and design, omni-channel communication, real time analytics, etc. across all interactions and understand how this sets the new benchmark in digital customer experience.

What the workshop will cover:
-       Relevant industry insights shared by a Forrester Analyst
-       Key principles of digital customer experience
-       Immersive real life simulation of digital customer experience in action
-       A hands on experience to put yourself in the shoes of today’s modern customer
How you will benefit
-       Understand key differences and business impact between digital experience vs digital customer experience
-       Gauge where the ‘gaps’ are in your current customer experience strategy
-       How a digital customer experience strategy translate into ROI
-       Enable you to take next steps in sharpening your digital customer experience strategy and diversifying communication channels to drive growth, loyalty and advocacy

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tom.

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