27 - 28 May, 2019 | Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Sydney, NSW

Christine Burwinkle

Head of Customer Operations

11:15 AM Using Analytics and Experimental Action to Understand What Drives Retention

While at Atlassian ownership of a great customer experience is distributed throughout the company, two and a half years ago a new team was formed to specifically address loyalty and retention within the business unit focused on customers using downloadable products. 

Challenged with a license model which requires customers to pay for a product only once, this new Customer Operations team has operated largely through experimentation to learn what retention looks like and develop a ‘Health of Customer’ measure, both of which guide the development of products and business process changes. In this session:

  • How the Customer Operations team evolved and its unique two-pronged structure
  • What the team has been able to learn about customers from quantitative data early on in the journey and how they’re now working to incorporate qualitative feedback (from both customer facing staff and customers) to make better informed action plans going forward
  • How the team is working to attain an accurate picture of customers, when the volume of data for different customer groups is variable
  • How the team sees the future: using data combined with qualitative signals to move into modeling to predict churn and unhealthy customers


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